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Friday, November 25, 2011

Day long strike in Chinese hardware factory

The human rights group China Labor Watch (CLW) has reported a day-long strike by 1000 workers at a Jingyuan Computer Group plant that supplies Apple, amongst other western technology companies, with components such as keyboards.

The strike ended up being dispursed by police and a riot squad.

The rioters protested the work conditions and the amount of overtime (up to 200 hours), amongst other things. The company now has agreed to cut mandatory overtime hours and allow workers to come into work on Saturdays, which by Chinese law are mandatory overtime days.

China's labor movement still has a long way to go to reach equality with western work standards, but I am glad to see the positive outcome of this strike.
Way to go my Chinese brothers and sisters. From one union brother to another! In solidarity!

Source: The Verge