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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Top iOS Apps Of 2012

This our list of the top iOS app for 2012. So lets count down. we have made it really easy to find each app in the iTunes store just click or tap the name of the app and you will be take right there to download it.

5.  Path - now you may say that this app did come out in 012 but you have to say it has greatly mature this and that why were give it this place on our list.

4. Facebook -This year Facebook putted back on using HTLM5 for there apps and started building for the device and that why Facebook take this place on our list.

3. Paper by FiftyThree - Really bring drawers to the iPad with great art app. Allowing People to draw and paint some great stuff with this app.

2. Podcasts - This year Apple Broke Out Podcasts from the rest of the iTunes store on iOS and make internet entertainment easier and fast to find and enjoy.

1. Tweetbot - This year after all the change to the official Twitter Client for iOS TweetBot become by far the best twitter client for iOS there is out there.

These are our top 5 apps for 2012 if you have an app your really enjoying please leave it the comments.  Hope your having a ever Merry Christmas and a great holiday season with your family and friend.