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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Google Bar

google take away the bar at the top of your screen to give you back some space with the brand new way to navigation google. i think all a lot better then it is the way now. but let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just launch a new chatroom

We have just launch a chatroom that everyone can join and talk tech with us. But we want to help you with your tech as well as just talk tech and you can join the chat easily by going to which will take you to a chat

Friday, November 25, 2011

Google+ Gets Two Its Own TV style Commercial

google seems to really want google+ to work now that were start to see google style tv Commercial or make there just going to run them as pre-roll on youtube

Censor the net

Google went a step further with it's censorship of search results.

Late last year, the search giant blocked instant search and auto-complete for torrent searches, now they will block them all together. Is it a coincidence, with SOPA, the bill introduced into the House of Representatives in late October, is close to being passed on to the Senate?

Is Google running scared, and trying to stay out of the line of fire, from angry SOPA supporters?

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the European High Court overturned a ruling of a Belgian court, ordering a Belgian ISP to filter "ALL" it's internet traffic to prohibit peer-2-peer file sharing, on the grounds of it violating fundamental rights of the customers that are protected by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU.


I like the European system better.

Wonder what our Canadian governments next move will be. Will Mr. Harper allow for such violation of fundamental rights to happen, and cozy up to the Canadian music and film industries, or protect the citizens of this country from harm.

This is obviously a very touchy subject for many, including myself. Time, and many letters and e-mails to your MLA's will tell.

Canadian businesses are in the dark (cloud)

What is the cloud?

How do you as an IT professional explain this concept to your boss and his bosses. How do you convince them, that something they can't see or touch, is worth paying money for.

Microsoft Canada's recent survey painted a pretty clear picture on where Canadian business stands when it comes to cloud computing.

  • 19% of companies that said they weren't using the cloud, actually were!
  • 67% of those companies that weren't using the cloud, said they knew to little about it to make a proper decision at the time.
Cloud computing is reality today, but it might not be for everyone.

IT professionals and CEO's need to have an understanding on what cloud computing can do for their business and what risk factors it brings along with it.

Is it saving cost by putting your entire web site/email service in the cloud, or is data security of health records your main goal.

Don't just go with the cloud, 'cause it's the new thing everyone is talking about. Do your research, and understand where your priorities lie.

Day long strike in Chinese hardware factory

The human rights group China Labor Watch (CLW) has reported a day-long strike by 1000 workers at a Jingyuan Computer Group plant that supplies Apple, amongst other western technology companies, with components such as keyboards.

The strike ended up being dispursed by police and a riot squad.

The rioters protested the work conditions and the amount of overtime (up to 200 hours), amongst other things. The company now has agreed to cut mandatory overtime hours and allow workers to come into work on Saturdays, which by Chinese law are mandatory overtime days.

China's labor movement still has a long way to go to reach equality with western work standards, but I am glad to see the positive outcome of this strike.
Way to go my Chinese brothers and sisters. From one union brother to another! In solidarity!

Source: The Verge

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dollar Store aniac

I Almost didn't write this column as Richard recently covered this, but I'm going to anyway as some things are a bit different. Today I'm gonna cover neat stuff I also found at the Dollar Store.
In my first photo I show a nice case I got for $2. Inside the case I keep my Kindle and a handier stand (I find) that folds out large enough for the Kindle as well as an iPad.
This arrangement I find handy as I am constantly piling stuff on my tabletop and can better protect the screen. Dollar stores are a treasure trove and I have several items I can show in future that may delight and amaze you in future columns.

The Social Network 2 (Official Trailer)

Do i have some question about this trialer do you think this movie is a real thing that the movie company will make let us know in the comment? Also let us know if this is some you would see?

Tech News Canada Podcast Update Show

we are moving our podcast feed so to get new show and the new feed please goto

we have also just roll out a reddit for our podcast where you can submit story and vote them up and down for the podcast so we know what you like to hear about on the podcast you can get to it by going to

we like to have some story for the podcast that we will be recording later today
thank you

Game subscription app pulled from app store

Yesterday I reported on The BigFishGames subscription app debut on the app store.
For reasons unknown, even to BigFishGames, Apple pulled the app from the App store after only one day, according to a MacRumors article.

BigFish founder Paul Thelen seemed surprised as well, saying that Apple and BigFish Games had been working together for the past few weeks, making sure all the requirements would be met, which they were.

Apple declined to comment to Bloomberg, who did the story, and also had not reported back to BigFish Games on why the app was pulled.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tom Anderson. You are the baby daddy!

I picked up this story from the fine folks at Gizmodo, and I damn near fell out of my chair laughing. There is not much of a tech connection, other than Tom Anderson (everyone's first friend on MySpace) being involved (well, kinda ...).
The Maury Povich Show, as most everyone will know, showcases the tragedies of today's single parenting and the denial of sexual contact by young males with young single mothers. (took me a while to come up with this G-rated version)

Back to the story:
This guy accuses Tom Anderson to be the father of his girlfriends child, because the infant has blue eyes and a fair complexion. I guess that covers a lot of people, but Tom Anderson was her first friend, and only white dude, on her MySpace friend list! That sealed it for this young fellow, and of they went to the Maury Show, for all of our entertainment.

The obvious punch line here is, that Tom Anderson is the first friend everyone has on MySpace. Hence, let's hope that cute little baby does not get his smarts from his daddy (unless it really was Tom).

Source: Gizmodo

EA gets hit with class action suit

The BC based gaming company, Electronic arts (EA), has been hit with a class action law suit over a broken promise to it customers (those using PS3's).

When EA opened up pre-orders for Battle Field 3, they promised a copy of Battle Field 1943 to their PS3 customers, along with the game. Playstation 3 uses Blu-Ray disks, which offer extra storage capacity to allow for these kind of extras for Sony console owners.

Later on, it was quietly decided to scrap the idea of including the extra game, without notifying the customers, especially those who pre-ordered and promised the extra game.
At one point EA announced it's decision with a single tweet, but not with a company press release, which it should have.

Needless to say, a class action suit was started against EA never mind all the angry basement gamers screwed out of their free game.

The Disney - YouTube Deal

Walt Disney Corp. and YouTube struck a deal, which will bring hundreds of movies to YouTube, according to this TechCrunch article.

Disney is the fourth major player to partner with YouTube, following Sony, Universal and Warner Brothers, who are already offering their movies through YouTube.

The rentals will start as low as $1.99 for older movies, while newer ones will run you $4.99. You will be able to watch them online, through Android phone or tablet, or Google TV (in the US and Canada only).

Sorkin to direct Steve Jobs movie?

Arron Sorkin has supposedly been asked by Sony Pictures to direct the rumored Steve Jobs movie.

Mr. Sorkin has written screenplays for many good shows, including 'The West Wing', 'A Few Good Men' and 'The Social Network'.

He said he is strongly considering the offer.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Netflix Kids section launches on Nintendo Wii

The Netflix 'Just for Kids' section launches today on the Nintendo Wii, according to this article on The Verge website.

The 'Just for Kids' section, so far only available on PC/Mac platforms, is aimed at kids aged 12 and under. The section offers targeted content as well as categories and simplified plot description.
Expect other platforms to offer this service as of next year.

Thumbs up from a concerned parent!

Game subscription on the App Store

Big Fish Games will offer a subscription for games on the App store, according to this article on the Bloomberg website.

The subscription model, which has only been used by news publications, will cost $4.99 to start. Next year, as more game titles become available, the price is set to go up to $6.99. A cost-free, ad supported model, will also be available, all though it will be limited to 30 minutes of game play per day.

Google Pushing Chromebooks

Now that the holiday are almost here I have notic that google has start a big push for chromebooks with a ad at the top of the chrome start page if you have the app/most visited website as you homepage for chrome.

New Podcast Info

Were now making it even easyer to subscibe to our podcast in your iTunes with a brand new Url to get to our itunes page. all you will need to do is goto so we hope that now we made it easy that hope to have you download all our podcast from the feed. also if you want to listen to our podcast on the web you can do that by click the podcast button on the top of this page or by going to

We Also invite you to e-mail in your comment and feedback on the podcast by just e-mailing 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Developer creates proxy server for Siri, controls thermostat (video)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

How-to: use Google Music from anywhere (yes, outside of the United States)

Now that Google Music has finally clawed its way out of the realm of beta-ware, anybody in the US can sign up to play without an invitation. Of course, that leaves many folks out of the equation, so we thought it a good time to point out at least one other route to let you get involved in the service, no matter where you live. See, the rub seems to be that Google checks your IP address on your first attempt to log in, and accept its terms of use -- only the first time, and yeah, you're definitely going to be ignoring that doc by following this guide.

Read Full Story 

Source: engadget

Friday, November 18, 2011

Apple's production plan for 2012

According to an iLounge article, Apple will launch the "iPad 3" in March 2012. The new iPad will be 0.7mm thicker than the iPad2 due to the dual light-bar system for the improved screen.

A summer launch is planned for the "iPhone5", which will feature a 4" display (up from 3.5" currently) and will be 8mm longer.

A March 2012 launch could be expected of the ultra-thin 15" Mac notebook line.

Source: iLounge

Google+ + trending topics= Twigle

Google+ now features a list of trending topics, when a search is performed.
This new feature was first detected last night.

Source: Tech Crunch

Stanford course on iPhone app development

Stanford University is offering a free course on iPhone app development on iTunes U.

The offer includes the same lectures and slides, but no credits and access to instructors.
The prerequisite courses are also available for free on iTunes U.

This is the perfect opportunity for someone starting out in app development. I encourage all the kids out there to try this course and get ahead in the game.

Source: Mac Rumors

A Charlie Brown Christmas coming to an iPad near you

Loud Crow Interactive, a development firm based in Vancouver, BC has developed an interactive "A Charlie Brown Christmas" app for the iPad/iPhone. Your kids can play Schroeder's piano, or finger paint with the crew amongst other things.
The $6.99 app is available at the app store now, and would be a nice Christmas activity to do with your little ones (just after watching the actual 1965 TV special).

Loud Crow Interactive also have many other title available, so please check out their site.

First #OWS now OccupyFlash?

A secretive group named Occupy Flash has set its sights on Adobe, in particular it's Flash products.

It's well known by now, that Adobe has discontinued its mobile Flash support, and will only continue working with its desktop applications.

Flash has been the proverbial sliver in many peoples thumb for a long time, due it's crashes and security issues.

As I already mentioned, Adobe has discontinued support for its mobile products, but that seems to little for the Occupy Flash group. They are also targeting Adobes desktop products.

HTML 5 is the preferred choice for developers nowadays and for the future.
Occupy Flash thinks that way as well, but denies there movement being an organized attack by Adobe competitors.

Source: Ars Technica

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Roku coming to Canada (and the UK)

GigaOM reports that Roku Boxes will become available for sale in Canada and the UK in early 2012. Roku was the first non PC device to offer Netflix.

But if your a canadian who want to get a roku early like right now you can easly order one right now by going to

TEDTalks video goes viral

A TEDtalks video of 12 year old speaker, named Thomas Suarez, went viral on YouTube this week. This twelve year old, who's idol is Steve Jobs, is a self taught programmer of iOS apps, including "Bustin Jeiber", a whack-a-mole game using the Canadian pop stars face. :)

I love this kinda story, which negates all the comments and rants you here in the media, about computers and the internet making our children stupid.

Please take the time and watch the video. Thomas is quite an amazing speaker as well.

Super charge your 2nd gen AppleTV

If you don't mind jail breaking your AppleTV (2nd Gen), you can have access to an amazing amount of new features.
Using aTV Flash (black) 1.0, downloadable today at MacUpdate Promo, you can unlock features such as surfing the web and playing other media formats.

It will be for sale for the next 14 days at a reduced price.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TNC3- American Censorship Day

this week we talk about a new internet there trying to pass in the unit state. plus other tech news from the week.

Google Music Event (Video)

This Is US Only

You can also watch this video live on 

We will post what we think after the event right here in this post.
go and see the new google music store at
and do not forget to get your google music setup and upload your music at

google music will free.

Now we know that this event again is US Only still at this time

If your watching live please post you comment below and share what you think about this event

Gmail App Returns To iOS

Today google return there gmail app to the iOS.

But there are still something i still wonder about like why would someone use this if iOS already has a Mail app.

If you like to download this gmail app we have iTunes link here for you

Also like to say that i have not seen any bugs as of yet.

So Please let us know in the comment on why you may use the gmail app instead of the native app in iOS?

Monday, November 14, 2011

iPad Stand Review

Today i when out looking for a great iPad stand for when i sitting in my office or laying in bed for my alarm clock apps.

Then i happen to be in one of my local dollar store a saw that they had some case and stand for the iPad so I pick one up for dirty cheap it was like 2 bucks and it really dose a lot. So if your for some great tech stuff check out your local dollar and see what you can find.

Thank for reading today

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Unreported Siri Outage

Siri stopped working for me several days ago, around the time I upgraded to iOS 5.0.1. Looking online, no one was talking about it nor complaining.

After some digging, I found on the Apple Support Forums, other users reporting issues starting at different points last week. From what I gathered, this issue is international.

What worked for me was to turn of Siri and reset all my settings. This isn't working for all users but it's worth a go if you are having trouble using Siri.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Apple recalls 1st gen iPod Nanos

Due to a defect in manufacturing of batteries, Apple is offering a replacement program to 1st gen iPod Nano owners. The batteries might over heat and pose a safety risk (in a small number of cases).

Friday, November 11, 2011

How To Setup Diaspora Account Video

 Today I Show You How To Setup Your Diaspora Account Once You Have Been Invite To The Service.

Find Me Over On diaspora with this link

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Amazon Kindle

In celebration of my recent birthday, my wife bought me a new Amazon Kindle. At first I sort of poopooed these devices as shill. But now after having one for a week or so, I'm in lust. Works great here in my home network and gives me another toy to fill the hours i'm forced to live through with my lack of mobility.
I'm getting back to my favorite magazines via it, Asimovs science fiction, Analog sci fi and Amazing stories. Three magazines that made being a low-paid security guard bearable. I haven't bought into the book buying yet, but i'm sure I'll enjoy that when i try it out. The magazines are worth the money. More later for now, i've just got 5 new issues.

Welcoming Rob Scott

 This is the first article I'm submitting to Technewscanada so I'll introduce myself first and go from there. My name is really Rob Scott, I've been into computers since the late 80's when i bought an Atari 800XLL on clearance at Zellers and I've been hooked ever since.
Later, after learning to add a HDD to it and running a BBX for a few years i graduated to using an IBM compatible for the BBS. I took a few courses and realized I had learned more on my own, and got a job at Netland computers in Ottawa. Hired right out of school.
Now I'm retired because of a disability and spend most of my time fooling around with this "internet" thing. So with all that said  hope to help others understand it as well. This might be a great way to start.

AOL Editions Now In Canadian iTunes Store

So today i when in the app store and did a search for AOL and found the app AOL Editions. Which is a daily news app that give you once a day some of the top store. Now you think that it would be all AOL stuff but the are a number of diffident source that are not related to AOL

Check Out The Website
and get it in iTunes now

iOS 5.0.1 Now Out

there is a new update out for iOS user that is a OTA update to 5.0.1.

It say that it should fix the battery life on iOS Device.

So go and grab it now.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Google adds +1 button to image searches

Google has added their +1 button to image searches.
You can now share your recommendations for a particular image by hovering the mouse cursor over it, which will make a +1 appear. Your selection will appear in your G+ and Google profile.

Not only can you now share images, but you will see your friends recommendations as well.

You can check out the Google Inside Search Blog for more info.

Panorama mode in iOS camera app

iOS hackers unveiled the panoramic picture mode in the iOS camera app yesterday.

While this is a little easier to do on jail broken phones with a tweek from Cydia, the guys from Funky Space Monkey came up with a fix for those of us who don't feel comfortable jail braking our phones.

Firefox 8 Is Out Now

For those of you still loyal to Firefox, version 8 has been released.

Some of the new features include better tab management, twitter search, and a crack down on third party add ons. Now, when an add on wants to run, you must approve the add on. Sounds a little bit like Windows Account Control that so many people love, right? I think it's nice addition but we'll see what others think.

Firefox for Android was also updated which now includes a master password for all your usernames and passwords for the sites you visit.

And remember, Firefox 9 beta is available for download today as well.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

New Stuff On Twitter

twitter has start to roll out the feature they talk about back in august and we were able to get a screen grab of it. please also remember you can follow us @tech_news_ca

Siri Working On The iPhone 3GS (Video)

Not Only did they get the iPhone 3GS phone to have siri on it the but they also got it to connect to apple server for siri. If you do not know siri not only require the software for siri but a connection to apple servers.

Dual Sim capability on your iPhone possible

The Vooma Peel PG92 case adds dual SIM card capability to a jail broken iPhone 4 or 4S.

The case consists of a backup battery and a simple cell phone. Once you have downloaded the Vooma app it will utilize the sim card in the other phone to make a call. The backup battery will meanwhile charge your iPhone.

The case is actually the size of a regular iPhone case, which makes it so much better.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Google+ Now Has Brand Pages

Google has announced today that they will be releasing Pages for their social network, Google+.
This will allow businesses and brands to make specialized pages for their products. Pages can have followers through the +1 system and you can add pages into your circles for better customization and organization of your favorite brands.
Google has incorporated pages into their search results. When you use Google Search, add a ‘+’ before your query and it will show you brands on Google+.

The 'Aspect' ratio of ordering online

When ordering prints online, you would think it be as easy as a 1-click solution.
Not so for users of iPhoto an Aperture it seems.
According to this article at Apple's Knowledge Base you really have to watch what aspect ratio the image was taken in, to avoid it from being cropped unexpectedly.
No one wants their wedding pictures returned with the head of the bride cut off.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

My Take on the iPhone 4S

I was one of the 4 million people who pre-ordered/reserved an iPhone 4S before launch day. It took a week and a half after October 14th to finally get the phone (which felt far too long considering iOS 5 crippled my iPhone 3GS to the point of being able to squeeze out three hours of battery life if I’m lucky) and now that I have had it for about week, I can give a fair opinion about it.
There are a lot of complaints that it is not the ‘iPhone 5.’ I would like to address these complaints with a simple concern that people don’t know how to count. The iPhone 4S is the fifth iPhone, regardless of what they call it, so the people that say they are going to wait for the ‘5’ will be waiting a very, very long time because if Apple decides to give a number to their next phone, if anything it will be iPhone 6. The iPhone 4 wasn’t called the iPhone 2. I feel like I needed to address this concern front and centre because there was a lot of disappointment surrounding this phone simply because of rumors. Because of this, a lot of features were forgotten and/or left out of people’s minds and reviews.

Tech News Canada- 2 Were Still Working Out The Bugs

today we talk about the new stuff we have for you as well as the New Google Looks Of Gmail And Google Reader

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Oink App Review

Now there a brand new app from Kevin Rose New Company

This is an app that let you share things our the internet with you friend online. like if you see some food that looking really good then you can add it to a to do list and then when you walk by it get a pop up on your iPhone that say you have add this to your to our to do list and maybe you want to try this out

but please keep in mind that this app is still in early beta

do not forget to check the Techcrunch video on there post

im give it 7 out 10 and it is a must get app

is iPhone Only Right Now hope they will do an iPad App Soon

Here Are Some Screen Grab Of The App

We Launch Our App

Today were launch our web app that has all our great content in it from blog feed to our twitter and podcast check it out now at Please Leave Us A Comment And Let Us What You Think Thanks

British college student fights extradition to US over link site

A British college student is fighting extradition to the US over operating the TVShack link site, which links to copies of copyrighted movies.
Under British law sit is not illegal to link to other sites, which was one of the reasons a judge dismissed a similar case a year earlier.

I haven't heard back from my contact if "linking sites" are legal or not here in Canada, so caution must be exercised by those operating such sites in this country.

I'll update this blog entry as soon as I find out.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Transparent iPhone mod kit

For us geeks out there, mod kits always had a special place in our hearts. This one, nothing real special, caught my eye nevertheless.

Supposedly easy to install, this might just make the Christmas wish list.

iOS 5.01 beta 2

two days ago apple seed developer with iOS 5.0.1 beta 1 now two later there are now moving forward with beta 2. so it make me think there really trying to get this update out the door or maybe they found a bigger bug in iOS 5 then we know about

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer Video

Now that the trailer is here i really can't wait for the game to come out but I'm thinking that the game will not be out unit next year some time base on the fact we not hear anything about ship date yet.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

"iPad 3" slated for March and/or Q3 2012

Talk about "iPad3" for March 2012 are still on going. Supposedly suppliers still have issues with development of a high def Retina display for the actual "iPad 3" slated for possibly 3rd quater of 2012.
March iPad will most likely be an upgraded iPad 2, just like the iPhone 4S was to the iPhone 4. So mostly a software upgrade including Siri, and a major facelift 6 months (or possibly) later including "hopefully" a Retina display and better battery life.

Apple seeds iOS 5.01 to Devs

The upgrade is supposed to better battery life, which lots of users of theiPhone 4S have complained about, amongst other things.

Google released native Gmail app for iOS.

Today, Google release it's first native Gmail iOS app for iPhone and iPad users.
You can download the app for free through iTunes. You also visit the official Google Blog for more information.

Please note that duty to a bug in the gmail app for iOS google has pulled the app from the app store

British Court rules against Assange

The British High Court ruled that the Swedish arrest warrants for Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, were in fact executed and issued properly.
This now limits Assange's defence teams options on what to do next. They have 14 days to appeal the High Courts decision to the British Supreme Court, but haven't done so as of yet.

Assange is still under house arrest, living in a supporters mansion outside of London. He is required to check with police and be monitored by an ankle bracelet.

More on this story here.


Looks like GoPro has a new competitor in the action camera market.
The $249.99 camera is the most light weight in its class at only 3 oz.

The WingmanHD takes 8MP stills, 1080p video with a 150 degree lens, has a 1.5" color LCD display and offers 3x digital zoom. Just like the GoPro, it comes with a waterproof case (30m).

I already own a GoPro, so I doubt I'll be making the switch, but for newcomers to the action camera market this looks like a good alternative.

For more info you can go to the Delkin page here. (sold out at the moment)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tech News Canada- 1 Quick Update

this week were just going to give you some quick update on what going on with the new website

Check Out The Rest Of The Podcast By Going Over To Our Podcast Page
and Subscribe In iTunes 

Hackers unleash attacks on Palestine Internet service

Hackers downed Palestine Internet services on Tuesday, shutting down PalTel, the countries main ISP. Gaza was completely cut off, while only some service was affected in the West Bank.

Gmail "Makeover"

Gmail will introduce a new look in the next view days, according to the official Google Blog.
This will include a more streamline conversation view (like a chat window), changeable screen density, new HD themes, better search and more.

Watch for a button in the bottom right of your Gmail screen in the next few days to try out the improved view.