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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Now Get More Space On Your iPad

Today Apple send out a press release telling people that as of next week you will now be able to get 128Gb iPad for $799.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review

Hear our take on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This is a great piece of hardware from Samsung. A lot of people have been saying that the Note 2 screen is to big but its really not and the screen is big and beautiful. seen i got this device i have not even use my ipad cause this device take the place of a tablet and cell phone and a lot of people have been calling it a phablet.

This device right now is running androind 4.1.1 and has the Samsung TouchWiz on top of 
android. now i didn't find more use for the S pen.

This phone runs on fatest networks like 3G, HSPA+ and LTE. Were getting speeds on LTE of 15.45 Mbps down and 16.48 Mbps Up which is faster then most home internet today.  

also were see great camera quality on this device and you can see one of my phone that i have take with this device this photo is unedited and right from the phone.
taken on the Samsung galaxy Note 2
 This phone has some great features for people who want to multitasking with feature like pop out video you can keep watching that video while browser the web or tweet and even updating you facebook status. anther feature which is great for the multitasking is that you can run more then one app at a time and you have the screen for one and half the screen for anther app. When you make the jump to a Samsung Galexy Note 2 you will also get a free 50GB of dropbox storage for two years and store all this great photos you take with this device.

Onto the battery life of this device we mangent to get over a day on our this device without charging it 

Full disclaimer that Samsung send us this phone for review and we will be returner it to them after this review come out 

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

NetTalk Device & Service Review

Over the christmas break I have been playing with a new device from which give you phone over the internet. So your mostly likely asking what do I get with this device well they include a free first year of server. The Device is pretty small take no more the the a deck of cards and the service yearly service fee is really low at about $39.95 a year. Call quality is really good just as if you were using a normal landline. But one think I will say is that depend on bandwidth from you ISP.  I did have one issue getting it setup on the wifi but they also have Live Customer support 7 days a week to help you out.

Feature you get with service

  1. Free Canadian Phone
  2. Free Call Waiting /Caller ID/Call Forwarding
  3. Free 3-Way Call
  4. VoiceMail In your E-mail box/ Visual Voice
  5. Free Enhanced 911 Service (but you must make sure you address is up to date on the site to make sure you getting local 911 service.)
  6. And More
So I going to give this device a 8 out 10 they have done a really nice job with it and work really well.