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Friday, November 25, 2011

Canadian businesses are in the dark (cloud)

What is the cloud?

How do you as an IT professional explain this concept to your boss and his bosses. How do you convince them, that something they can't see or touch, is worth paying money for.

Microsoft Canada's recent survey painted a pretty clear picture on where Canadian business stands when it comes to cloud computing.

  • 19% of companies that said they weren't using the cloud, actually were!
  • 67% of those companies that weren't using the cloud, said they knew to little about it to make a proper decision at the time.
Cloud computing is reality today, but it might not be for everyone.

IT professionals and CEO's need to have an understanding on what cloud computing can do for their business and what risk factors it brings along with it.

Is it saving cost by putting your entire web site/email service in the cloud, or is data security of health records your main goal.

Don't just go with the cloud, 'cause it's the new thing everyone is talking about. Do your research, and understand where your priorities lie.