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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chrome Store Update

This week when chrome round to version 15 chrome they also update the look and fell of the chrome web store and you can check it out by visiting the website but we also have a screen grab of what it looks like.

New Team Members

We like to take some time to share with all my readers that we have some new member to the team here and take a little time to promote them. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

How Do I Use Google AdSense

Well first you will need is a webpage weather or not it is a blogger account or some other web host.
You will also need a google account for which you can tie the Adsense Money too. then visit  Google AdSense Website. So that pretty much it so good luck with your ads

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Google+ for apps user

Today google add support to google+ all you need to get is our admin to enable it in the domain setting. But there is a little bad news with this and that is that you can not import you google account to the apps right now

Google Voice

Now that the UK has google voice. Will that change think for Canada. Maybe Canada will now get google voice soon. Because it look like really great service. Love fact that you only have one number to rule them all.

Blogger Want!!

Were not able to post as much as we like right because I'm only one person and to cover it all were going to need help from people. So were looking for people that are into tech and blogging right now. So if that you contact me at

Please keep in mind that we can't offer money to right a post at this point as a startup

Or Just leave comment below

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grand Theft Auto 5

Rockstar games change there website logo to there new game grand theft auto there are ever few details at this point but they say the trial should be out NOV 2

Monday, October 24, 2011

Netflix Coming To UK

Netflix is finely going to bring there service to the UK. So now almost all country have the great service which is Netflix so enjoy all those Movie and TV show people of the UK.

iPad Developer

hi developer
we like to have a weekly app reviews. also cover you app and share you idea with all the reads of our blog we also hope to get promo code for the app were reviewing were going to be doing a app review weekly. so developer please contact me

Thanks Developers

iOS 5 & iCloud Review

Now That iOS 5 is here for everyone and we have had sometime to play with it were going to be reviewing it in this post.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ad Blocker

Do i know there a lot of people out there that use ad blockers to block ads from beaning see by them.
But there one issue with this.
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With this post we like to ask you to show your support for this blog by click the donate button or click some of the ads you see around the page or on the feed and we like to thank you all for your support

Please alway feel welcome to pos a comment with how you feel about it or just what think.

Funds donate going to offset the price of running with website and get stuff to review.

iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Now Advailable

Quick Look At Our New Blog (Video)

we say in the video the right url for our new website is
were also look for more people who want to blog about tech so please contact us

Our Brand New Page

There are a few ways you can come to our website and they are listed below.

  2. http:/
But They Should all lead to the

New Website

We Launch A New Website Over At or So please come on by and check us new page out from there. hope have some issue get the feed running right now

Last Webpage

Now were all most all move over here were just wait for some of the service we were use before. The feed now is wrong but were working on get the feed fix and ruining on feed burner. the last website also crash last tonight and we could not get it back up. so were going to go with blogger for hosting this site for now.

New Website

hi everyone i mad this blog and are to grow it into the next engadget. so we hope to have our help and support.  Were working to find some great blogger who are really into tech and want to help build this into a great Canadian blog for tech

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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