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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Initial Views On Google+ (Video)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pinboard Update

June 24, 1:04 AM PST
I understand that Instapaper (who was also affected by the raid on our data center) stores Pinboard passwords for users who connect the two services, and that the encryption key to these passwords was stored on one of the machines that was briefly taken in the raid.
If you ever connected your Instapaper and Pinboard accounts in the past (in other words, if you ever typed your Pinboard password into Instapaper), you should change that password now, not just on Pinboard but anywhere else you use it. I personally believe the risk is minimal, but given how little we know it's the only prudent option.
We got word from DigitalOne today that the FBI has physically returned our server to the datacenter. It's up and reachable, and I hope to have it back online soon.
The site is holding up well on the backup server, but search, global tag pages, RSS feeds and import from outside services (including twitter) are still turned off in order to prevent things becoming unusably slow.
Bookmarking by email is now working again.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Google Music Review

Google Music is really cool new way to listen to music on all your device with upload to the cloud and the limt is 2300 song i believe for upload.

Right now while Google Music is in beta its free but after the beta no one know if Google will charge for this service. but im Brett sure it will be free like most all other Google service.  Google also give you some free music when you get your invite. But Please Remember This Not A Backup Service and You Can Not Redownload The Music To Your Computer Or Any Device's. Google Music also work on iPad browser too.

This Serivce Right Is US Only 
Check Out

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Find Out If Your Hacked

if you want to know if you have benn hack on a password is out there in the world by going to this website and tell them your e-mail address

please tell me if you thing this site works in the comments

But If you Think You Been Hack At nytime you should change all password for anything you use the same password quick as you can.

or do as i do and use a service like lastpass like i do and change your password ever few moths

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