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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

NetTalk Device & Service Review

Over the christmas break I have been playing with a new device from which give you phone over the internet. So your mostly likely asking what do I get with this device well they include a free first year of server. The Device is pretty small take no more the the a deck of cards and the service yearly service fee is really low at about $39.95 a year. Call quality is really good just as if you were using a normal landline. But one think I will say is that depend on bandwidth from you ISP.  I did have one issue getting it setup on the wifi but they also have Live Customer support 7 days a week to help you out.

Feature you get with service

  1. Free Canadian Phone
  2. Free Call Waiting /Caller ID/Call Forwarding
  3. Free 3-Way Call
  4. VoiceMail In your E-mail box/ Visual Voice
  5. Free Enhanced 911 Service (but you must make sure you address is up to date on the site to make sure you getting local 911 service.)
  6. And More
So I going to give this device a 8 out 10 they have done a really nice job with it and work really well.


  1. You may not care, but i just spent 3 and one half hours on hold for tech support only to be cut off when the support guy took control of my computer. Funny thing that! I have no home now and was using skype to call them. TERRIBLE is an understatement.

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