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Thursday, December 15, 2011

SocialFolders 2.0

Today ScoialFolders is coming out of beta. SocialFolders Launches to Put Social Content Back In Your Hands. SocialFolders Technology Turns Social Content into Files You Can Store, Share, Sync and Own.

Today’s general launch includes three significant components:
1. Friends Sync: SocialFolders’ Friends Sync makes it easy and seamless for you to
access the social content that matters to you (think of that album on your friends’ profile
of your group trip to Rome) while respecting the privacy settings of your friends across
all applicable social services.
2. Breakthrough integration with Google Docs: Users can connect with Google Docs,
work on documents offline, and SocialFolders will automatically sync the changes back
to Google Docs in the form of new revisions in that doc.
3. Robust new integrations: SocialFolders now integrates with today’s most popular
social sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, SmugMug, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa,
Photobucket, Box, Google Docs, and YouTube.

SocialFolders Also has a great looking web interface too

About SocialFolders
SocialFolders is a remarkable new way to manage your dynamic, social content. The cloudbased
app lives on your computer and connects to your favorite social sites so you can
manage, back-up and sync your photos, videos, docs and more in a centralized place. Founded
in 2011, SocialFolders is based in San Francisco. To get going on SocialFolders for free, please

Here SocialFolders Running On Window  7

Here SocialFolders Running On Mac

SocialFolders is a really great service that bring your social photos, docs, video back to your computer as file and let you keep a copy as well as have backup of them and we highly recommend this service to everyone.

SocialFolders is free for anyone to start using, with additional features available in its premium
version. For more information, please visit

You can also follow them on twitter @SocialFolders