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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tom Anderson. You are the baby daddy!

I picked up this story from the fine folks at Gizmodo, and I damn near fell out of my chair laughing. There is not much of a tech connection, other than Tom Anderson (everyone's first friend on MySpace) being involved (well, kinda ...).
The Maury Povich Show, as most everyone will know, showcases the tragedies of today's single parenting and the denial of sexual contact by young males with young single mothers. (took me a while to come up with this G-rated version)

Back to the story:
This guy accuses Tom Anderson to be the father of his girlfriends child, because the infant has blue eyes and a fair complexion. I guess that covers a lot of people, but Tom Anderson was her first friend, and only white dude, on her MySpace friend list! That sealed it for this young fellow, and of they went to the Maury Show, for all of our entertainment.

The obvious punch line here is, that Tom Anderson is the first friend everyone has on MySpace. Hence, let's hope that cute little baby does not get his smarts from his daddy (unless it really was Tom).

Source: Gizmodo